How to Clean Glass Nail Files to Avoid Serious Damage?

The glass nail file doesn’t have to be cleaned like a toothbrush after each use, but it deserves occasional care. The surface of the glass nail file is formed by microscopic dimples, which are clogged by filing. You won’t blunt our glass nail file, but you can clog them with the residues of your nails. The glass nail file then loses its effectiveness and behaves like a blunt one.

The easiest way to clean glass nail file takes a minute. You will not need any special tools, running hot water will be enough. Place the file under running water and rub it lightly with your fingertips until all the dirt has washed away. Then just let it dry and the glass nail file is like new. This method is gentle enough for all types of glass nail files. You don’t have to worry about peeling off the paint or ruining the decoration.

Cleaning Of Glass Nail File Under Running Water
Cleaning of glass nail file friendly and effectively

Beware Of The Dishwasher!

It may not be worthwhile to throw the file into the dishwasher among the cutlery. Cleaning products and hot water can damage the decoration or completely destroy the hand painting. If you have paid extra and bought a beautiful decorated glass nail file with Swarovski stones, or hand-painted, stay away from boiling water and aggressive cleaning agents.

Cleaning Glass Nail Files In Dishwasher
Don’t put Swarovski decorated or hand painted glass nail files into dishwasher


Would you like to clean the glass nail file really thoroughly? Would you like to rid of any bacteria that settled there during use? We have an easy recipe for you.

Colored and clear glass nail files can be disinfected without problems. We use only high-quality fired paints that do not peel in humidity and temperatures around 100 ° C. To disinfect, simply put the glass nail file into boiling water for 30 minutes. This way you can reliably kill all bacteria on surface of the file.

Disinfection Of Glass Nail Files With Boiling Water
You can disinfect glass nail files with boiling water


Sterilization is a more radical disinfection, which kills all viable microorganisms, including spores. You can use the sterilizer only on clear glass nail files. Clear glass nail files are made only from glass and the glass as such is non-porous and can easily withstand the gases and higher temperatures that can occur during sterilization.

At the end I would like to summarize previous findings. You can carefully wash all decorated and painted files with warm water. You can easily disinfect or wash simple colored files in the dishwasher, and you can even use a sterilizer for clear ones.

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